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Spanish 2 Honors Period 6


I will no longer be teaching you here at River Hill. Mrs. Coe will be your teacher until Mrs. Street returns from her extended absence.

That means that this web site will no longer be useful to you, unless you need to click on a workbook page. I will take the site down after Mrs. Street returns.

Extra credit points already earned do count towards the grade, unless otherwise determined. Mrs. Coe will be grading all of the papers that you have turned into Mrs. Street and myself.

It's been fun teaching you. I wish you nothing but success in the future! It will come if you work hard!



On this web page, I will be posting the homework that I am assigning while Sra. Street is on maternity leave. Students should check this site first for their homework. In addition, I am going to place on here all of the interactive web pages regarding texts and workbooks. They will have their own pages. Be sure to click on the correct link and print off any assignment from the workbook given.


Las Ramblas shopping area in Barcelona, Spain
A narrow street leading to a Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain


LINKS to Web Pages We'll Use!!'ll use this one a LOT!

English to Spanish Dictionary

Google Search Engine

Wikipedia on-line Encyclopedia

VMI Spanish Drills


Colby Grammar Exercises


Hispanic Heritage Month

Practice With Present Tense Verbs

Fidel Castro-PBS

Il Postino (The Postman) Trailer--a great film!

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