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Mr. Les Crue

Welcome to Spanish! I am very happy that I will have the opportunity to teach you Spanish this year. I want you to enjoy the experience of Spanish class, for it is meant to be enjoyed while at the same time challenging. I try to make the class as fun as possible while learning a language that is becoming more widely used each passing day! 


A brief introduction about me- I have been teaching Spanish for 18 years, this being my second here at LCDS. I have a B.A. in Spanish from the University of Maryland-Baltimore County and a M.Ed. from Loyola College of Maryland. [For whatever reason, I’m not in the LCDS handbook, so you should know my qualifications] I have had the opportunity to travel to Spanish-speaking countries, including living in Chile for 18 months. I have taught all levels of classes, from middle school right through to the college/university level.




I do have a web site! Go to the school’s web site  Click on “teacher pages”, then click on my name and then click on where it says “Spanish web page”. You can also access it at  [Please note that it’s a lower case “L” in “lmcspanish”, not the number 1].


Once on the site, click on the navigation bar to the appropriate link [extra credit, homework page, etc.] to find the information that you are seeking. On it you will find homework assignments, review pages for quizzes/tests/exams, extra credit, links to assignments, cultural material, etc. I will put daily homework assignments on the web site every afternoon by 5:00 PM.

E-Mail: I have two of them.    I check them both regularly.

1-                 2-       


SUPPLIES for class


You will need the following for class: notebook paper, pen or pencil, non-permanent marker, covered textbook [I’m providing the cover!] workbook and assigned homework. Students should have a section in their binders for Spanish   No separate book is neither required nor necessary.

Spanish-English dictionaries are optional. 8th graders were given notebook dictionaries last year. 6th and 7th graders will receive one this year. Dictionaries are available in the classroom for use.


Please Note: We are using brand new textbooks this year! They must be covered [I’m providing the cover!] Names MUST  be in the inside front cover. If you do not have your text covered, a warning will be issued. A second offense during a trimester will result in a lunch detention.


1.  You must be prepared for class, meaning paper, pen or pencil, textbook [covered], workbook and homework. You must have your homework with you, on time.


2. HOMEWORK- Homework will be assigned on most nights particularly on Thursdays [since we do not have class on Fridays] I post the assignments on the board as well as on the web site. There will be some nights on which you will simply need to study the material being presented in class at the current time, or to study for a quiz or test. You will know which assignments are to be handed in and graded or that I check to see if they are completed. Homework assigned on Thursdays usually will be collected and graded.


Late Assignments- For daily assignments, if the homework is not completed for the next class, you will receive a zero for that assignment. Those that have not done the homework and are not prepared for class should not nor will not receive the same grade as those who have their homework completed and are prepared for class.


For assignments to be handed in for a grade, one class period late is a one-letter grade deduction. Two class periods late is a two-letter grade deduction. An assignment three class periods or later results in a zero.

Homework/Classwork counts as 35% of the trimester grade.


Do NOT under any circumstances ask the front office staff or another teacher to place homework or any other assignment into my teacher's box or in my room. And NEVER simply lay a homework assignment onto my desk!  

3. QUIZZES- I give quizzes on a regular basis, and announce them in advance in most cases. I will tell you what the topics are and post them on the front board and on your class’ web page. I will also tell you the general makeup of the quizzes [ex: matching, fill-ins, multiple choice, etc.]. Announced quizzes range from 30 to 50 points.

  I give Pop Quizzes! It is not meant to be a torment to you. It gives me an indication on whether or not you are studying each night. Pop Quizzes are very short, given at the start of class, and usually are no more than five [5] questions.

  Quizzes count as 30% of the trimester grade.

4. TESTS and EXAMS- I give tests on a regular basis, generally every 4-6 weeks. I give a week's notice to you. You will receive a list of topics for the test and its format [a la quizzes]. The topics will also be posted on your web page. A test review is held the day prior to the test.

 The final exam is conducted as a regular test is. The final exam is not a cumulative one, but will cover some topics from throughout the year [a prime example is verb definitions]. Just like any other test or quiz, I will be giving you the topics well in advance, along with a written review sheet to complete. Exam review is done over a one week period.

4a. PROJECTS- When projects are assigned, you will receive an outline, which will explain expectations, scoring, etc. as well as the amount of time to complete them. Projects are a combination of class time and independent work, unless otherwise stated. The outline will also be posted on your class’ web page. Projects will count as a test grade score.


5. RETURNED QUIZZES and TESTS- You will be taking home to your parents/guardians your graded quizzes and tests for them to be signed on a regular basis. This will count as a homework grade!!!!

PARENTS: Yes, YOU are doing their assignment! If, for some reason, if your child does not bring you home graded quizzes and tests from my class, contact me immediately! I want you to know how your child is doing in Spanish class.



 I do offer extra credit each trimester. It is strictly optional. Some simple research will have to be done to answer the questions. The questions are on my web site [no hand outs are given] and are due a week prior to the end of the trimester. That specific date will be announced in class and on the web site. There are 10 questions, worth 3 points each. You do NOT have to do all of the questions; you do only the number that you want. To receive credit, the answers to the questions must be 100% correct; no partial credit is given. When you submit your extra credit, you won’t get your paper back until the end of the trimester. However, I will inform you if you have any incorrect answers. If you do, you may certainly go back and try to find the answers again!


No late extra credit papers are accepted for any reason!  [After all, you’ll have an entire trimester to do the questions!].



GRADING SCALE in Spanish class- I use the following percentages to determine grades for each trimester:

Homework/Classwork         35%             Participation                        10%
Quizzes                               30%                       Tests/Projects                     25%


At the end of the year, there is the final exam. It counts as 1/7 of the final grade.


ABSENCES- Please read page 9 of the Parent/Student Handbook regarding attendance/absences. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain the class work and homework assigned. I do post the homework on the web site to help you.  

In case of a lengthy absence [ex: flu], arrangements can be made to make up work in a reasonable amount of time. Be sure to make those arrangements with me and not assume that you’ll be automatically accommodated.




All Loudoun Country Day School
discipline rules apply, per the Parent/Student Handbook.
My particular points of emphasis are as follows:

A. To be recognized, you must raise your hand. Shouting out answers is unacceptable and will result in a warning or detention.

B. There is to be no talking in class, particularly when going over assignments/reviewing for tests and quizzes. Remember that participation counts as a portion of the overall grade! You can have points taken away from your participation grade for disruption of class, among other things.


C. I issue two warnings to you prior to giving detentions. This paper counts as the first warning! Be aware of this expectation!



PARENTS- Especially for you!

If you have any questions at ANY time, please feel free to contact me at the school via phone, or by the e-mails listed above. I am here to work with you so that your son/daughter can be as successful as possible in Spanish class, and to address your concerns as soon as they may come up. **Please note that I am NOT on campus on Fridays. If you need to see me at other times, please contact me so we can set up a convenient time.