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7TH Grade 3rd Trimester Extra Credit 2009

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Here is the 3rd trimester extra credit!!
Same rules as usual. 10 questions, 3 points each for a possible 30 points. Be sure to answer all of the questions completely (no partial credit given). You may do as many or as few questions as you desire--your choice.
Once you hand in your extra credit, it becomes my property [i.e. you won't get it back]. I will tell you which questions that you answered correctly or incorrectly. You may turn back in to me your corrected answers.
The extra credit is due on Wednesday, May 27 at 11:59:59 PM. No exceptions. You may turn in your extra credit via e-mail or to me at school.
Here are the questions:
1) According to the 2006 American Community Survey, what is the percentage of Latinos living in Loudoun County?
2) Name all of the Hispanic players on the Washington Nationals.
3) Name the golfer whose nickname is "El Niño"
4) Who was the first female astronaut of Latin descent to go into space? What year did she go?
5) What is the major product imported from Mexico to the United States? What is the the major product exported from the United States to Mexico? [***NOTE: I am asking for the ONE single product for each question. A list of such products will not be accepted.]
6) What Division 1 NCAA school has the nickname of one of the ancient civilizations of Mexico?
7)  What did President Obama do recently to open relations with Cuba, something he promised to do during his 2008 Presidential campaign?
8) What are the 2 capitals of Bolivia? What governmental functions does each city serve?
9) How does the following proverb translate into English: "Muchas manos en un plato hacen mucho garabato"?
10) Who is Jennifer Rodriguez? What country is she from? In what Olympic sport does she participate? Why is that so significant?