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GUSTAR and Pronouns

2008-2009 Europe Trip
Classroom Rules, Grading and Procedures!
6th Grade Homework
7th Grade Homework
8th Grade Homework

**Read the following explanation of the verb "gustar" and verbs like it on the following web page"



Complete the following exercise using the verbs "gustar", "encantar", "doler", "aburrir" and "interesar". Answers are at the bottom of the page!




Me __________________la comida. I like the food.

Les __________________los libros. They like the books.

Te ___________________las pinturas. You like the pictures.

Le ___________________la carne. She likes meat.



Nos __________________la msica moderna. We love modern music.

Les __________________los deportes. They love sports.

Te ___________________el chocolate. You love chocolate.

Me __________________este libro. I love this book.


III. DOLER [o-ue]

Le _________________los pies. His feet hurt.

Te _________________la cabeza. You have a headache [your head hurts]

Nos ________________los hombros. Our shoulders hurt.

Les ________________las rodillas. Their knees hurt.



Me ___________________con el partido de bisbol. I’m bored with the baseball game.

Te____________________los deportes. Sports are boring to me.

Les __________________el hockey del hielo. Ice hockey is boring to them.

Le ___________________las clases en LCDS. The school’s classes are boring to him.




Nos __________________el partido de baloncesto. The basketball game is interesting to us.

Me __________________en las chicas. I’m interested in the girls. [the girls interest me]

Te ___________________los deportes? Do sports interest you.

Les ___________________las pelculas del oeste. Westerns [type of film] interest them.



Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb and the correct object pronoun. Follow the model. Give clarification if needed.


EJEMPLO: (to you-formal---"interesar") ____________los pases hispanos.

You Write: A Usted le interesan los pases hispanos.



( to Juan y Mara---"gustar") ______________________el pan.

(to you-informal---"doler") ________________________las manos.

(to me---"encantar") _____________________________los jonrones.

(to Mrs. Hope---"gustar") _________________________ense ar las clases.

(to us---"aburrir") ___________________________la clase de matemticas.

(to you-formal and I---"interesar") _________________________en los animales domsticos.

(to Sr. y Sra. Mu oz---"encantar) __________________________a sus hijos.

(to Sarah---"interesar") ____________________________ir de compras.

(to you—informal---"aburrir") _______________________los jardineros?

(to me- "doler") _______________________la rodilla izquierda.

(to my parents—"gustar") _____________________________el cine.

(to Roberto—"doler") ___________________________los msculos despus de hacer ejercicios.

(to many Latin people—"gustar" ***be careful on this one)

________________________________escuchar msica caribea.










1. gusta    2. gustan    3. gustan  4. gusta


1. encanta   2. encantan   3. encanta   4. encanta


1. duelen     2. duele     3. duelen    4. duelen


1. aburre     2. aburren   3. aburre  4. aburren


1. interesa   2. interesan   3. interesan  4. interesan


1. A ellos les gusta

2. te duelen

3. me encantan

4. A Mrs.Hope le gusta

5. nos aburre

6. A t y a m nos interesan

7. A Sr. y Sra. Muoz les encantan

8. A Sarah le interesa

9. te aburren

10. Me duele

11. A mis padres les gusta

12. A Roberto le duelen

13. A mucha gente latina le gusta