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La Familia Project

2008-2009 Europe Trip
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6th Grade Homework
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ESPAÑOL- Señor Crue

EL PROYECTO- Capítulo 2

La Familia


Your project is to make your family tree [árbol genealógico], using photos of the members of your family. It should include parents, brothers/sisters, aunts/uncles, grandparents, cousins, in-laws, nieces/nephews, and of course, yourself.


Then, once you have created your tree, you must write a minimum five (5) sentence paragraph about each relative, describing each person. [If some of your relatives are deceased, please see me as to how to write those paragraphs.] The paragraphs are to be placed below the picture of your relative and yourself. Use vocabulary that we have done thus far this year, along with some of the new vocabulary that we are in the process of working with in class now. You may hand-write it (as long as it is very legible) or type it on computer and paste the paragraphs onto your project. Also, be sure to title your project. Remember, do NOT use an apostrophe s [‘s], since it is not used en español.


The project must be on poster board or similar material [such as cardboard]. You’ll need to use the 2’ by 3’ boards. Do NOT hand in a project that is NOT on poster board. It will NOT be accepted! 


The grade will be based primarily on two things:


1)      Is the project neatly done? Is your writing legible? Is your tree attractive or simply thrown together? Is there a clear effort to create a neat project?


2)      In your descriptions, is your use of vocabulary correct? Are your sentences constructed correctly [example: do your adjectives agree with your subject and verb-such as using a feminine adjective to describe your aunt, for instance]? Are you using a correct verb? Are there at least five sentences in your paragraph?


The grade will count as a test grade (100 points) and will be the primary grade of this unit. There will be quizzes on the other topics in our unit (possession, the verb “tener”, and an occasional “pop” quiz on vocabulary), which will be announced soon.


The due date for your project is Thursday, February 14 [el Día de San Valentín!!]


Questions? See me right away.