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Mr. Crue's Spanish Pages

Spanish 2 Honors Period 3

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Spanish 2 Honors Quiz Practice & Exercises
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Spanish 1 Period 2
Spanish 2 Honors Period 3
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On this page you will find your homework assignments. I will have these posted on this page by 5 PM each afternoon. I will also have it on the white boards in the back of the room.

el primero de marzo
Complete exercises D-F of the verb packet
el 2 de marzo
Packet work: Boys do Exercise G; Girls do exercise H
el 3 de marzo
1) If not completed, finish the irregular verbs packet
2) Study for Friday's quiz
el 4 de marzo
1) Study for quiz tomorrow
2) Text p. 146-147--read and complete the questions that follow. This assignment is due on Monday, 3/8
el 8 de marzo
1)Study for re-quiz Wednesday
2) Unit test on Thursday, el 11 de marzo
el 9-10 de marzo
Study for evaluations
el 11 de marzo
Bring your "Alejandro" work to class to have time to work on it
el 15 de marzo
Workbook 3B-A and 3B-B
el 18 de marzo
Workbook 3B-3
Vocabulary quiz on Monday 3/22
el 19 de marzo
Study for vocabulary quiz!!!