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Crédito Extra
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To earn extra credit while I am here, you can answer all or whichever questions below that you want to answer. Each question is worth 3 points each; thus, a total of 21 points are available for you.
To do the extra credit, you simply must answer the following questions exactly correct, en inglés.  When you turn in your answers  (not the questions), you will not receive your paper back. I will tell you, however, if your answers are correct. If one or more are not correct, you have the option of re-doing the question, and turning the answer back into me. You can do this as often as you like until you get it correct!
The questions below are meant for you to do some research, but not much. If you have a question, please let me know. However, please don't ask me if one of your answers is correct or not!!!!!!
The questions will be either culturally based, historically based, in the current news or could be what we are doing in class right now.
Your answers are due to me no later than jueves, el 25 de marzo, by the end of the day.
Ok, here are the 7 questions:
1) What country owns CITGO, the gas/petroleum company?
2)  What is the date of Independence Day in Chile? Give the date and year of independence
3) Name the top 4 teams in La Liga currently 
4) Name the "sister cities" of Montevideo, Uruguay. One of them is in Europe, the other in the Asia/Africa region
5) Name the TWO capitals of Bolivia. What governement services does each provide?
6) Name the TWO Spanish-speaking cities that have hosted the Summer Olympics in the past. What years did each host the Olympics?
7) How did Fidel Castro (Cuba) ascend to power? How long was he in power? Who is the current president of Cuba? Why did Fidel Castro have to give up his presidency?