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With the inauguration of President Obama upcoming next week, what questions and opinions would you ask of him/give him about the state of the country and how would you make it better? The only problem is that he just learned Spanish and would like letters in Spanish, so he [and you!] can practice.


You need to write a 1 page minimum paper [typed, Times New Roman 12 font, 1.5 spacing between sentences] en español, of course. You should use vocabulary that we have learned thus far here at LCDS, along with other vocabulary in context that we possibly have not learned just yet.  Use present tense in your writing, or future tense [IR + a + infinitive]. I don’t think that you’ll have to use past tense; it depends on what you write. Be very careful on your spelling, conjugation of verbs, etc.


This paper is due on Wednesday, January 21.  If you would like me to proofread it, let me know on Tuesday or you can e-mail it to me and I’ll go over it. Remember, though, that I’m not going to give you the answers; I will guide you in the way you ought to go.