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6th Grade -AR verb Definitions

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Here is the list of –AR verbs that you need to know. We will be using these

often in the weeks to come. You not only need to know what their definitions are,

but more importantly HOW to use them to express your thoughts.


REGULAR –AR VERBS                                          LOS COGNADOS [Cognates]



desayunar-to eat breakfast                         celebrar- to celebrate

almorzar- to eat lunch                                combinar- to combine

cenar- to eat dinner                                   contestar- to contest/answer

                                                                 conversar- to converse/talk

bailar- to dance                                         decorar- to decorate

buscar- to dance                                       entrar- to enter

caminar- to walk                                       estudiar- to study

cantar- to sing                                           necesitar- to need/be necessary

comenzar/empezar-to start/begin               preparar- to prepare

comprar-to buy                                        presentar-to present

dar-  to give                                             terminar- to terminate/end

enseñar- to teach

estar- to be [temporary condition]

ser-  to be [permanent condition]

escuchar- to listen

gustar- to like  [remember: only two forms of gustar--gusta/gustan]

hablar- to speak/talk

ir-   to go

jugar- to play (a game)

tocar- to play (a musical instrument) /  to touch

levantar-to rise/pick up

llegar- to arrive

llamar- to call

llamarse- to name

mirar- to watch

nevar- to snow [only one form of this verb- nieva]

preguntar- to ask a question                    

tomar- to take/drink/eat

viajar-to travel

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