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8TH Grade 3rd Trimester Extra Credit 2009

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The 3rd Trimester Extra Credit is here!
Same rules as usual. 10 questions, 3 points each, for a total of 30 points. Answer each question completely--no partial credit given. You may choose which questions you want to answer. Two of them? Great. All of them? Ok.
When you turn your extra credit in (either by e-mail or handing it to me in school), you will not get it back. I will tell you which questions are incorrect, if any. You may re-do those questions and resubmit answers to me.
The extra credit is due on Wednesday, May 27 at 11:59:59 PM. No late papers accepted for any reason!!!
Here are the questions:
1) Name all of the Hispanic players on the Washington Nationals.
2) What golfer recently won the Masters tournament? What country is he from?
3) Who is Jennifer Rodriguez? What country is she from? In what Olympic sport does she participate? Why is that so important?
4) What is the name of the anti-terror Spanish judge who considered opening a case against 6 former Bush administration personnel, alleging that they gave legal cover for torture at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba?  [Extra extra credit, 3 more points] What former dictator did this judge bring formal charges against, and in what year?
5) View Image
This famous painting, entitled "Soft Clocks", was done by what Spanish-Catalan surrealist painter?
6) The Rio Grande River is the river that makes up the border between Texas and Mexico.  What do the Mexicans name the river as? (and no, it is not the Rio Grande)
7) President Obama recently made a trip to Mexico to visit President Calderon? What was the main topic of discussion during that trip?
8) What Spanish actor does the voice-over for the Nasonex (an allergy medication) bee commercial? (Hint: He starred in such movies as Evita, the "Spy Kids" trilogy and "the Mask of Zorro" )
9) What  pitcher is the only player in the major leagues allowed to continue wearing the number 42, since Major League Baseball retired the number in honor of Jackie Robinson? What country is the pitcher from and for what team does he play for?
10) What are the following movie titles in English:
          a) ¡Qué bello es vivir!
          b)  El Superagente 86
          c)  Un perro fuera de serie
          d)  Vecinos invasores