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That's me on top of Montjuich hill in Barcelona, Spain, in 2009

My name is Mr. Les Crue. I am substituting for Señora Street as she
is on maternity leave. I will likely be here through the month of April.
However, that all depends on how Sra. Street is feeling. She is doing
well and keeps in contact as much as she can.

I have been an educator of foreign languages for 19 years, in private and public school, as well as at the college/university level. I also have been certified to teach history. Like Sra. Street, I have a B.A. in Modern Languages and Linguistics from UMBC, and I possess a M.A. in Education-Curriculum and Instruction from Loyola College in Baltimore. I am currently taking classes in my continuing education classes at Montgomery College in Rockville, MD.


I come to RHHS with an ability to reach to students and get them to bring out the best of their abilities in Spanish. I have had the opportunity to create new curriculums at two private schools, starting from scratch, and made the Spanish program from one of simple exposure to a challenging, academic subject that became subject to the transfer of credits to the next level.  I have raised the bar for my students in my classes. And, even though I will only be here for a short time, I can do the same for your children as they continue their Spanish studies.

 I studied Spanish in high school for 2 years, just like your children are doing right now. I studied it in college, as well as having the opportunity to live in Chile for 18 months. I have also been to Mexico, Ecuador and Spain to visit and continue further studies.

I believe that Spanish is so important to learn, particularly in the world as it is today. With many Hispanics here in the US, many employers are now requiring that prospective employees be able to speak a second language. And, colleges today are looking for students who have gone the extra mile and have taken at least three years of a foreign language to be accepted at colleges. It is imperative for students to look forward and take their studies seriously here at RHHS.